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Saturday, December 11, 2010

rant. part #1

I love Bikini Kill. I adore Kathleen Hanna. I hope I can one day meet her...I found out that on her birthday (November 12th) this year she turned 42 years of age, but Kathleen doesnt appear a day over 25! I think her strength is a contributor. Its amazing that the Bikini Kill Archive has been created, it is a brilliant record of photos, stories, quotes about the band and the era itself. Gives you a much deeper picture of what it was and still is, all about. And what we should learn and understand from. I dont think the music of BK can ever be replicated in such a raw way, however there are a quite a few vocalists and bands that exist at the moment which replicate what once was with their own unique style - like a modern riot grrrl fusion so to speak. I have recently been songwriting and would love to vocalize the lyrics in some form - spoken word pieces would be great to experiment with to get a different sound and atmosphere.

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