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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dont blame yourself.

Women are taken advantage of, and its not right. I specifically wanted to comment on WOMEN in this instance, being one i know what it feels like to feel like an object to a man rather than a human being. I have dated a nice guy before I cam...e out and he never did, but very often, I get stares at my breasts, subtle comments directed toward me that make me feel comfortable and the idea that because Im a lesbian men have the right to do that to me. Its f#@!ed up and something needs to change. 

[response to a facebook post]
It was not an attack, more specifically a post directed towards women. I of course relate to that and wanted to express my feelings on it. When I say 'something needs to change' i did not say 'men need to change or women need to change' i said SOMETHING needs to change, therefore speaking in a general sense against assault, harassment or abuse. I feel so strongly about the rights of women, and i mentioned my sexuality as i felt it relates to people (specifically men) who feel they can do those things, say those things to me because i 'need' it or 'secretly want it' or some s#@! because Im with a woman, not them, a man.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

real vampires.

I found an article about real vampire culture online. It was compelling and gave the wider world a better idea of what the real vampire/vampyre culture is about. However I was pissed off that they ended the article claiming it was a disorder, a medical condition, it gave a negative spin on the whole article, reducing it to nothing but that, rather than continuing with the intelligence and depth of the people they were interviewing. Those within the culture do not have a disorder, they have a belief and they should not be categorised as people with 'disorders'. Teenagers and children are bullied at school regularly because of their differences, instead of being embraced for who they are, and the bullies are not taught this either. So writing about it in a publication like this just gives them the chance to say "Hey, arent you a 'vampire'? Youve got a disorder, youre mentally ill." I agree that criminal behaviour within this culture shouldnt be tolerated, but neither should branding these people in such a  negative way.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

roller derby 14/12/2010

Had a a really REALLY great sesh tonight!! One of the best for me personally in ages! Ironically its the last for the year, but its made me more determined for 2011 and i even managed one or two full crossovers! Gonna get withdrawals over christmas...proud to be part of the DCDD as a long-time freshie! ♥

Monday, December 13, 2010

interview with jess harlen.

 I sent Jess Harlen an email to find out a few things about her, and I was stoked when she emailed back to me. Heres the entire interview. Get her debut album, 'Neon Heartache' out now!

Hey Jess, Im really excited to be doing this interview!
Thank you for responding.

When did you first realize music was your calling?
A week after I turned 18 I went fruit picking in north qld and accidentally started playing gigs in the pubs up there. I was singing happy birthday to a mate and the bar guy was like 'keep playing keep playing' for free booze. Needless to say that was an appealing offer to me. I only knew about 8 songs so I was just making shit up on the spot to entertain the messy drunk backpackers for the rest of the night. The next week I had 2 residencies in different pubs and I guess it was around then that I realised music could be a goer. I always feel like I'm in full flight when I'm singing, it was that feeling that got me.

I love your debut album, it has a really chilled-out vibe.
What inspired you when you were writing?
I'm inspired to write when I can't otherwise articulate how sad, sore sore, elated, peaceful or pissed off im feeling. It's like craving savory when all you've got is sweet crap to eat. Those songs are each like bowls of wedges.

If you could pick a musician to collaborate with for an entire album, who would it be and why?
They're all dead.

Would you ever create a song that was completely written in the Maori language?
I have written a couple in collaboration with my family, I'm hardly fluent when it comes to the maori language let alone poetic. I need to sharpen up on that though, it's important to know you're native tongue.

Since your music career has taken off, you've been able to travel to so many different places.Where have you gone that has sparked your interest the most?
Over the last year I've been to a ridiculous amount of countries that sometimes I forget I've been to them. Places like Slovakia and Austria, they've only ever been words to me but Japan was the most interesting. It feels surreal. It has the most hectic yet most peaceful places within one city. Tokyo felt like walking around a theme park most of the time, and for the first time in my life I felt tall. Occasionally..

Has anything bizarre happened to you whilst touring?
Some bitch called me fat.

Thank you again!


with bells on.

Cheby Lou made me these gorgeous knitted anklets with bells, which Ive also been wearing as upper armbands! I have one in purple, one in green. Fucking cute as.

inside outside.

Kaylee Fisher: ...i think the short version is there's an amazing person you hide inside of you (Rhayven Jane) and she's gonna make some noise and break some shit in the best way possible.


the only person that can put you down is yourself. dont give yourself permission to shit on your own agenda.break the fucking rules.