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Thursday, December 16, 2010

real vampires.

I found an article about real vampire culture online. It was compelling and gave the wider world a better idea of what the real vampire/vampyre culture is about. However I was pissed off that they ended the article claiming it was a disorder, a medical condition, it gave a negative spin on the whole article, reducing it to nothing but that, rather than continuing with the intelligence and depth of the people they were interviewing. Those within the culture do not have a disorder, they have a belief and they should not be categorised as people with 'disorders'. Teenagers and children are bullied at school regularly because of their differences, instead of being embraced for who they are, and the bullies are not taught this either. So writing about it in a publication like this just gives them the chance to say "Hey, arent you a 'vampire'? Youve got a disorder, youre mentally ill." I agree that criminal behaviour within this culture shouldnt be tolerated, but neither should branding these people in such a  negative way.

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