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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dont blame yourself.

Women are taken advantage of, and its not right. I specifically wanted to comment on WOMEN in this instance, being one i know what it feels like to feel like an object to a man rather than a human being. I have dated a nice guy before I cam...e out and he never did, but very often, I get stares at my breasts, subtle comments directed toward me that make me feel comfortable and the idea that because Im a lesbian men have the right to do that to me. Its f#@!ed up and something needs to change. 

[response to a facebook post]
It was not an attack, more specifically a post directed towards women. I of course relate to that and wanted to express my feelings on it. When I say 'something needs to change' i did not say 'men need to change or women need to change' i said SOMETHING needs to change, therefore speaking in a general sense against assault, harassment or abuse. I feel so strongly about the rights of women, and i mentioned my sexuality as i felt it relates to people (specifically men) who feel they can do those things, say those things to me because i 'need' it or 'secretly want it' or some s#@! because Im with a woman, not them, a man.

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